Microsoft S2

Microsoft Student Summit (S2) 2021

Microsoft S2 Student Summit ran last Monday through Wednesday offering executive speakers, networking and insight into new technologies and products. Between work, tutorials and the time difference with the US, I had to dip in and out of presentations so am looking forward to the recordings being made available.

LinkedIn was a common thread running through the event (the comments section quickly became a sea of connection requests drowning out other links). There’s still a lot of people posting, I’ve noticed that the hosts (Leigh Cresswell and Tina Jones) have been very active liking, following and connecting with students.

For me the highlights were:

  • On day one Ryan Zervakos Rock Your Profile gave some insight to LinkedIn.
  • Day two Sana Ajani‘s talk about Core Dev Tools was useful for anyone new to coding, covering GitHub and VSCode (did you know replacing “com” with “dev” in a GitHub URL opens an online version of VSCode).
  • Finally Ann Johnson on day three gave a fascinating insight on paths into Cyber, as an older student I found it quite empowering and would recommend it for anyone looking to change career.

Jumpstart your career at Microsoft” on day three probably wasn’t so useful outside the US as it focussed on internships and graduate programmes.

Looking forward to the recordings being made available, especially for the exam cram sessions which will no doubt help with certification.

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