Microsoft Azure sandbox

Second week of Data-skills has started and had us exploring relational data.

The highlight was finding out that Microsoft Learn creates temporary, uncharged, sandboxes on Azure Portal. Being able to provision Azure relational database services consolidated the reading and allows the learner to query, insert, update and delete data in a relational database.

You can create up to ten sandboxes every 24 hours, I worked through an Azure SQL Database, then repeated the exercise for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Microsoft Learn
Activating a sandbox is straightforward

I was hoping this week’s tutorial would reinforce this week’s Microsoft Learn, unlike last week where the tutorial was delivered before the courseware was delivered. Doesn’t seem like that’s how it works, in fact quite the opposite, a tutor suggested tutorials an overview to consolidates with by Microsoft Learn.

Either way I feel positive but would like to confirm what I’ve learned by access to MeasureUp service sooner rather than later.

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