June 11, 2021

Can’t turn off OnePlus Nord?

Weird fault on my phone (OnePlus Nord N10 5G), touch screen stopped accepting taps or gestures. The fingerprint sensor was fine but I assume it’s seperate and under the digitiser. Holding down the power key key didn’t help as I couldn’t tap “power off”!

Tried everything – holding power for 20 seconds, power and volume up (that doesn’t work at all, I checked once it was back up), nothing worked. Connected a mouse to the USB-C port and although the pointer moved I couldn’t register a tap. Eventually, it rebooted when I held volume-up + power while connecting to my laptop by USB. To be honest though, I think that was coincidence.

Since rebooting, it’s been fine. I’ve since enabled USB debugging (Settings → About → tap Build number five times), so at least I can use adb to reboot if it happens again.

An argument for being able to easily remove a battery.

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